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Style Check-In is your one-way ticket to a first-class wardrobe. Receive a monthly carry-on to elevate your style. For $79, you will receive 3 pieces of unique clothes every month and it's free shipping.

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I wouldn't recommend this box. First month was great, everything fit and I got one of the outfits I said I'd like to try. Second month after I received my box I got an email saying they lost my payment info and to just email it to them. I found this highly suspect and waited until they sent an actual survey out to get the info, but then I was charged again immediately. Emailed and they said it would go towards my next box, still that's another $80 in one month I wasn't expecting to spend. Next month I had to email again because it was the last week of the month with no box. Finally get it a couple days after they respond that it's on the way. Next month no payment withdrawn and no box, I decided I was done after that. The button to deactivate subscription also wasn't working.
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on 7/20/2016
After subscribing to other clothing boxes before, I got so bored with the clothing options and felt that they were too "safe". Like yes I understand the reasoning behind neutral colors and cardigans but I want to have some non boring clothes too! Style Check-In has the most fun clothing selection! The colors are vibrant and the different mix and match styles are great to wear together or separate. It's affordable and unique which is why I love it!
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on 3/10/2015
Love love love the surprises I get with this box every month! I don't really like going shopping so this is perfect for me. Every month they send 3 pieces to add to my wardrobe. It's kind of exciting seeing what they picked out for me based on the style profile. They do a great job, the fit is good, the price is good and I love how people notice my clothes now and comment on them.
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on 3/5/2015