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Square Hue is a nail polish subscription box. You can subscribe to receive two custom nail polishes per month for $16, or three per month for $21. All SquareHue nail polishes are vegan, cruelty-free, 7-free, and made in the USA.

Shipping: Free within the United States, $10 to Canada

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When I first joined this subscription I was really excited, but every month I was getting really similar colors, so I decided to cancel.

Sunshine Bruno

on 3/10/2016
I subscribed to SquareHue when they first started and loved it. The only reason I stopped was because I was overwhelmed with nail polish! It was super fun to get 3 unique colors every month. If you're looking to get in to nail polish or just buff up your collection, this is a nice way to go.


on 2/26/2016
I used to love this subscription but I cancelled. I just can't take all the uninspired dupes they send out every month anymore. If you are person who has little or no nail polish you might like this box. If you are a really into nail polish and have a collection going chances are you will already have whatever colors they send you made by a mainstream brand.


on 12/9/2015