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Square Hearts VIP is a monthly fashion subscription for women sizes 0-16. Each month you will receive 1 piece of clothing, 1 piece of jewelry and 1 handbag from the latest trends! The cost is $49.99 ($120 value worth of items) with free shipping for the continental U.S. You can also select $29.99 option ($60 value) for a dress.

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I just received my 1st box today and I have to say I'm really loving it. There were some problems at the ports and it caused a long delay in getting out the March box but I survived it and am happy I did. Can't wait for Aprils and hopefully the wait is a lot shorter.
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on 4/19/2017
I have been receiving Squarehearts boxes for over 6mths now. They have gone through a few changes and each box still makes me smile and happy I belong to this subscription. I will agree the shipping is F-O-R-E-V-E-R you pay on the 1st, which they are ON IT for their payment, then it does literally take about 3 weeks before you receive a shipment. I want to say that my Dec box seemed to ship much faster, so they might be working on that issue. I ABSOLUTELY love this box. So much so that even my 13yr old son made a comment at Christmas when he received his gift for a Fishing Tackle subscription, that he hopes he loves it as much as I love my squarehearts subscription.
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on 1/4/2017
I ordered my first box, and it only took a few days to receive an email saying my order was preparing to ship, but then after 10 days, when it still hadn't shipped, I decided to cancel my subscription, understanding I would still have to pay for the first box. The box shipped the next day, and several days later I received confirmation of the cancellation. Then, I was charged again for another box, and contacted the company the same day to clarify that I'd cancelled and request a refund. They ignored me until after the box shipped, and then refused to refund me. The box itself is subpar. I would avoid this company due to the difficulty of cancelling and the total lack of customer service. There's nothing in the box that you will be missing out on.
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on 12/13/2016