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Square Hearts VIP is a monthly fashion subscription for women sizes 0-16. Each month you will receive 1 piece of clothing, 1 piece of jewelry and 1 handbag from the latest trends! The cost is $49.99 ($120 value worth of items) with free shipping for the continental U.S. You can also select $29.99 option ($60 value) for a dress.

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I'm new to square hearts but really really liked my first box and did contact customer service and they responded quickly and appropriately. I had a size concern and immediately they asked if my items fit (they did) and offered to cancel my subscription and let them know if something did not fit. They must have gotten the message from the previous reviews because I'm really happy with square hearts.
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on 11/10/2016
I don't see how they can be around much longer. I ordered a past box that on their site even shows how many remain (so you assume it's in stock). after a month they still haven't shipped it so I asked for a refund. they finally agreed to refund my money & still ship me the box the following week. I was impressed by that response. well, it took opening a dispute with Paypal to finally get my refund processed because the first time their echeck was denied for insufficient funds. of course, they never sent that box they said they would for my troubles & I'm not holding my breath. they lost a potential subscriber. I'm glad I knew what I was dealing with before I ok'd them being able to routinely draw money from me. oh yeah, if you go to their Facebook page, they delete all customer comments. the only real interaction on there is with themselves...wonder why?

Johnna Smith

on 4/8/2016
Please save your money! I received several boxes and on two occasions I had to send the dress back for an exchange. I did receive one dress and it still fit too small. The other dress I did not receive an exchange for it. I canceled the subscription and I never got credit for turning in the dress. No credit given or exchange. The quality of the products are comparable to a swap meet.
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on 1/15/2016