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SportsCrate is a monthly subscription that delivers sports gear customized for you, the sports fan, with items from your favorite teams. T shirts, Fatheads, POP! sports figures are just some of the items that appear regularly in a SportsCrate.

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Sports Crate is a complete rip off!!!! The products are cheap and poorly made. The clothing fits so awkward. There is hardly any value to this product. The products are shipping A MONTH LATE and even then some of the products have to ship separately because they are even further behind schedule. You can only reach customer service by submitting a claim online and waiting for them to reply. There is no phone number. You can not review their product on any of their social media.
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on 9/12/2017
My eleven-year-old grandson loves his Sports Crate subscription!
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on 12/14/2015
Received it for the first time today. What a rip off! I got an Old Spice promotional tshirt with no team logo on it and a bunch of junk worth less then $10. So not worth the money.
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on 5/1/2015