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The monthly underwear subscription service that does the shopping for you. Three pairs of undies delivered discreetly to your door every month!

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Ahh Splendies! I have been subscribed to Splendies for 6 months now and have been pleased with every, yes, every box. For 13$ a month (and first box with code is only 10$) I can continue adding to my collection with new, gorgeous, and practical panties. As a woman, we all have the "oops" moments one time or another. Your period goes away for 1 or 2 days and comes back "surprise gotcha" and sometimes they can snag even the prettiest pairs we own. Splendies brings me three amazing pairs of panties every month. Usually something comfy for menstrual time, something sexy, and something for everyday wear. I am an underwear addict I swear! 6 months with this service means I have acquired 18 pairs of panties, enough to keep majority of women happy and fully stocked. I highly recommend this subscription service as it is cheap and it always provides quality pretty underwear. Every box is great, rather than normal subscription services where some months you love and some months you wonder why you even paid for the items.
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on 2/18/2017
I have been subscribed for splendies for 2 months now and have loved every month! I recommend to subscribe with a size up and was so happy! All of the panties I get are very comfortable soft cute and/or sexy and am never disappointed :) I love the customer service, and am very happy with everything overall!

Shaylynn Glenn

on 11/6/2016
Splendies is probably the best subscription service I have ever used! With this service, you are guaranteed high quality underwear at a super affordable price. Their customer service is incredibly nice and helpful and they love giving back to their community. I also love how they listen to their customers to help improve their product. As a plus size woman, it isn't always easy to find nice underwear that is affordable. So I love that Splendies offers plus sizes.
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Brianna Wilson

on 11/6/2016