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Every month, depending on which Spice Box you have subscribed to (Premium or Deluxe), you'll receive: Premium Spice Box ($24.95/Month): 1 Intimate Item 1-2 Full Products 2-4 Trial Products Deluxe Spice Box ($34.95/Month): 1 Deluxe Item 1 Deluxe Accessory 1-2 Full Products 2-4 Trial Products Shipping is free to the US, $5 Internationally.

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I strongly urge you stay far from this company. This is a scam. I was charged for 2 boxes, they said I was only charged for one, but either way I was sent nothing. I emailed back and forth for over the past MONTH. terrible. horrible. scam.

Michelle Dunn

on 1/30/2017
One of the worst experiences with a company I've ever had. I decided to try one box. I was not impressed with it and was glad I only signed up for one month. They didn't make it very clear that the one month box is a month to month box. I realized (while I was out on unpaid leave from work) that they had charged me $49.95. I contacted them immediately and advised not to send the box, I wanted a refund and that I had been unclear that this was monthly. I also advised if they did send it, I would refuse the box. I finally received a response that they don't offer refunds but, hey, I'd managed to cancel so I wouldn't get any more crappy boxes! I refused service and weeks later contacted the company again for a refund. They had their products back and you can't legally charge someone for something they never received. I advised if I would be forced to leave negative reviews and contact the BBB, etc. if I did not get my money back. That was months and months ago and I didn't even receive an emailed reply. They apparently give zero effs about their customers. I don't understand how they're not being sued or something!?!?
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on 12/7/2016
HORRIBLE company!!! The customer service is terrible. The items have gotten less and less over time. IT TOOK OVER A MONTH TO GET MY LAST PACKAGE!!! Do not ever get this subscription!!!!!!!
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on 11/25/2016