Social Bliss Style Box
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Social Bliss Style Box


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The Social Bliss Style Box will include $100 to $200 worth of products. Each box will contain an assortment of popular one size fits all fashion accessories and lifestyle products.

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i got my may right away. bag quality, but cute purse. 1 amethyst necklace i wear all the time and another yucky cheap ring and necklace. maybe next month will be better. their site says it comes at the end of the month,
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on 6/8/2015
I purchased a three month subscription over a month ago, I have not heard anything response from them. I was just told by someone on facebook, that they closed down. So, I lost $142!!! This sucks.


on 5/6/2015
Very low quality sub you get about 15 dollars of stuff that you could get in dollar store . I tried the sub for 3 months. They also have no customer servicme and do not answer mail sent to them. In order to cancel sub needed to contact credit card company
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on 7/25/2014