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SnackNation is a healthy snack delivery service designed for offices who want to have healthier, happier and more productive employees. With over 10 years of healthy vending experience, SnackNation knows what people like and don’t like. Hundreds of product companies contact SnackNation each month asking us to sell their goods – SnackNation only selects those that are not just healthier for you, but also taste amazing. Nutrition and taste are equally important…this is especially true in the workplace. SnackNation will NOT sending you snacks that taste like rabbit food! They even offer a Snack-Back Guarantee - If you are not satisfied with any of the snacks delivered for that particular month, just send them back!

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Not a fan of Snacknation AT ALL. I subscribe to Nature Box as well, and it is awesome. Snacknation's food generally tastes terrible. A vast majority of it tastes like it has been sitting around for years in a dank basement before they sent it out. The ingredients are not quality, and the combination of flavors in the snacks is disgusting. If you are looking for healthy but great tasting snacks, NatureBox is so so so much better.
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on 12/21/2016
SnackNation is terrific! Everyone at my office loves that products and service -- they're significantly better than what we had previously.

Ray Marks

on 4/13/2015
We just got SnackNation and it's the bomb. At first I thought the healthy products were going to taste like cardboard, but after trying some of the items, they actually tasted BETTER than the junk food we have in the office!

Andy Mackensen

on 4/9/2015