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Skoshbox delivers monthly straight-from-Japan goods that include candies, snacks, and fun items that are sure to put a smile on your face. Plans range from $12 to $35/month.

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I've had the Skoshbox for almost a year now and the only complaint I have is that is too tiny! Not enough of the delicious snacks that my son and I fight over! They have a larger box called the Dekabox, and I just upgraded to it. I like that this box usually gives a good mixture between sweet chocolate/cookie type snacks and salty rice puff/crispy type snacks. I'm very excited and can't wait to get my first Dekabox, which will include a mystery accessory!
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on 2/27/2016
I subscribed to the Dekabox, the larger version of Skoshbox, earlier this year. I've loved every month's box so far, and I've discovered a lot of really neat treats. They include a nice variety in every box, and if you opt for it, a cute little monthly extra. If you're interested in sampling different Japanese snacks and candy, I think this is a great way to do that.
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on 7/10/2015
I am still enjoying my skooshbox! I have found lots of treats I love and bit more of. Is also a fun thing for my husband and I every month when it arrives. My negatives are that I wish they wouldn't send meltables in the summer months, I track my box and grab it out of the mailbox as soon as it arrives but chocolate just won't survive shipping when it's 110°F. And sometimes, even though I've never gotten the same items, things can feel like duplicates. However that's not always a bad thing, we love the sofa candies! I think this is a great sub box and they keep improving. I'm 1 year strong and still lovin it.


on 7/8/2015