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Sightbox is a vision care subscription box for people who wear single-use contact lenses. Members get an eye exam, contact lens fitting, and regular delivery of their single-use contact lenses.

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I'm busy and hate shopping around, but want to make sure that I have high quality eye care ('cause you know, I like my eyesight). Sightbox made it so easy. I just told them my availability and they matched me with an AMAZING doctor who was very kind to this first time contact lens wearer. I like that they keep me on the recommended cycle of annual exams and makes sure that I won't overwear my contacts since they just come to me when I need them. Love this.
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on 7/7/2017
Sightbox was easy, convenient and an overall smooth experience. It's not everyday someone else makes your doctor appointment's, schedules your appointment, pay's for it and you pay a small monthly fee in exchange. My contacts arrived two days my door step! This is a user friendly membership service, it is simple, easy to use and the Sightbox team are exceptional! Thank You Sightbox!!!
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on 2/1/2017
I like not having to talk to the office until I get my exam. I always struggle to wear the right amount of contact lenses over the course of the year, and Sightbox made it easier to do that.
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on 1/30/2017