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"Shades Club™, a subscription box for sunglasses, is a new and innovative sunglasses delivery service, best known as the official alternative to overpriced designer eyewear. We're disrupting the eyewear industry with high-quality shades designed in-house by our stylists and manufactured by the same craftsmen as the world's largest brands, and by treating our members like family. Included each month is our innovative fold-up case plus additional surprises along the way. Each limited edition box is valued at over $100, and shipped to your door for just $29/mo. Over the course of a year, you'll get 12 pairs to match your on-the-go lifestyle. Save 20% by subscribing for the year upfront, and get it for only $24/mo, essentially getting 12 pairs for the price of 1 pair at retail. Join Shades Club today!"

Shipping: Free shipping within the U.S.A.

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I love my Shades Club! I look forward to getting my package every month and can't wait to see what style they are going to be. So far i love them all! And i love the way they are packaged too. Such a great concept!

Aly L

on 11/20/2017
Living in the Sunshine State, it's a necessity to always have a good pair of shades on hand. Thankfully, because of Shades Club, I always have MULTIPLE great pairs of shades on hand. I have a few pairs in my car, quite a few in my house, and always at least two in my purse. I love having quality shades that don't break on me with constant use. I also always enjoy being able to match them to my outfit or mood because I have so many options without spending too much on them. My friends are always amazed by the amount of shades I have and are constantly asking to borrow them when in the car or out and about. Love you guys and am excited about my next box!

Amanda Adams

on 11/20/2017
Loving Shades Club! Haven't touched any of my ray bans since I started about a year ago. My only suggestion would be to start a referral program since so many friends have joined, it would be cool to get rewarded. Keep up the great work! Thanks!
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Jamie S.

on 11/19/2017