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"Shades Club™, a subscription box for sunglasses, is a new and innovative sunglasses delivery service, best known as the official alternative to overpriced designer eyewear. We're disrupting the eyewear industry with high-quality shades designed in-house by our stylists and manufactured by the same craftsmen as the world's largest brands, and by treating our members like family. Included each month is our innovative fold-up case plus additional surprises along the way. Each limited edition box is valued at over $100, and shipped to your door for just $29/mo. Over the course of a year, you'll get 12 pairs to match your on-the-go lifestyle. Save 20% by subscribing for the year upfront, and get it for only $24/mo, essentially getting 12 pairs for the price of 1 pair at retail. Join Shades Club today!"

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I got the ugliest pair of sunglasses to ever exist. Red fake velvet rims with orangey red mirror lenses. I wouldn't buy them in the $1.00 bin. If they were black fake cheap velvet I might actually wear them if I had paid $5.00 for them. I used a fantastic deal. Pay shipping only for your 1st pair. Great deal right? Except that the 1st pair took so long to ship that it was time to charge me full price, for my 2nd pair, before I ever saw the 1st pair. I don't know if this is a ploy to get your money or if they were just very overwhelmed by the shipping only deal. I cancelled my subscription before they charged me for the 2nd pair. The reasons were 1. I had no idea of the quality due to never seeing the 1st pair. 2. They changed my subscription to mens when I KNOW i said womens. If these red velvet shades are mens then really who was going to wear these? 3. The style of shades I eventually got were suitable for maybe .00008 % of the population. I love really funky shades. I wear cat eye and colored shades. Shades with flowers on the rims. I am not shy. Yet this pair was more for a kids dress up party or an event that calls for wearing red silly glasses. Maybe a 4th of July party? I think this company gets the shades from items that didn't sell at other companies? I was offered a 2nd pair of shades for $4.95 and that didn't even entice me to stay with the company. I paid $4.95 for my 1st pair and they aren't even worth that.

JaNelle Borgers

on 7/14/2017