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Your Non-Perishable Scrumpt Lunch Kit will come once a week (you can pause anytime). Each kit contains the components to make three or five kid-friendly and kid-fueling lunches, all sourced from Scrumpt's favorite food makers, and curated by our panel of pediatricians and nutritionists.They also provide a menu, instruction sheet and grocery list for the fresh products you’ll need for lunch. Scrumpt offers a complete and a basic option for their lunch kit, as well as work with you for customizing your child's boxes for food preferences and allergies. Currently available only in the San Fransisco Bay Area.

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i wanted to love this. when it comes to meals i like simplicity, and at any time of day (for any meal) we eat tapas-style most of the time. i thought this would be a neat box (and the photographs they use make it seem so folksy an quaint, like we could just grab our vintage picnic basket filled with mason jars and lemonade and go go go) but i was sadly disappointed. don't get me wrong, it's not the worst, but it's "meh" for what you pay. the portions were teeny, even for my pickiest of babes, and for a wannabe eco-mama, there was too much plastic (plastic bags, plastic containers, plastic everything..) i could have gone to the local foodstore and made something similar for under $10. we tried this a year+ ago, and perhaps they have upped their game, but i doubt it...

Tracy Alverson Euler

on 1/18/2018
I thought that it was very well presented but because you have to shop for some of the items for the lunches I decided to cancel. Some of the snacks were not all that great. Portions are also a little small. Delivery was very quick. Canceling was easy and quick with just one email. You also get half off the first box which was really nice for trying it the first time. All in all great service but the box could use improvement.

Juanita Coronado

on 7/27/2015
They also deliver nationwide! Just not the perishables. Super nice team and very reactive customer service. They answer all the questions regarding their products, where to get more, recipes and links to sites that you mayfind cool. Totally worth it!

Une parisienne

on 10/30/2014