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Scentbird is a perfume sampling subscription box that sends you 100% authentic perfumes every month. When you sign up, you take a preferences quiz to help them suggest recommendations for you to try, and you can also go browse and rate the rest of their selection to make the recommendations even more accurate. You can build a queue of fragrances you’d like to try or you can let yourself be surprised every month. When you subscribe to Scentbird you get a monthly $15 credit towards purchasing a full-sized bottle!

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So far I've loved almost every scent they've sent thus far. I've received 11 and out of those 3 of them not a fan. My fave is the Dark Rum by Malin + Goetz!!! Just wished i could afford the $150 price tag for one bottle.
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on 3/30/2017
Oh yeah! Great script box! Can't wait for my next. Generous sizes that last more than a month!

Sherrie Holbrook

on 3/12/2016
I subscribed to the monthly plan in December, but I like it so much I think I should change to the yearly plan and save myself some cash. I only have three full size fragrances in my collection so I am finding this is a fantastic way to try out new fragrances and some old loves that I haven’t owned for many years and I think the size is perfect for travel or throwing in my purse. I am torn though between adding scents I want to try to my queue or just getting the perfume of the month. With the first option I will get scents I already know I love and want but the second option lets me try and be surprised by scents I would never choose on my own. Indigo by Nest is a good example, I may not have picked it but I really love it and will get it again when this one is empty. Aaaahhhhh, decisions, decisions! 😀 Anyway, I think this subscription is a great deal and possibly could be the only way I will ever buy fragrances again. I would like them to add the ability to say "never send me" to a selection and I find their website to be glitchy. Other than that, so far no complaints.
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on 2/7/2016