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This monthly beauty subscription box helps you sample new, 100% authentic designer scents for men or women. Each month you'll receive an 8 ml supply of a new designer fragrance.

Scent Box has two subscription levels to choose from. Pick the Standard subscription ($13.95 per month) to choose 1 fragrance per month from a selection of 500 brands. Or, pick the Premium subscription ($18.95 per month) to choose 1 fragrance per month from a selection of over 650 brands (including 150 premium brands).

Shipping: Free shipping to the US (Ships to US only)

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Do not use scentbox!! You can enter your credit/debit info online but the ONLY way to unsubscribe is via phone!! And the ONLY person that answers the phone is a terribly rude receptionist. She says she cant see or do anything to your account but that she can pass it along that you want to cancel your account. THATS CRAZY!! Either let me remove my info myself or let me speak to someone that CAN remove it. They never called me back...I had to contact my bank so I wont get charged unwillingly again!!
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on 10/11/2017
Absolutely LOVE Scent Box! I left Scentbird....too many shipping issues as well as payment issues and they kept canceling my queue! Have not had that problem with Scent Box! They are cheaper, give an atomizer with EVERY fragrance scent in a cute little black box, and they have 10 mL atomizers instead!
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on 4/8/2017