Sapphire Soul Balance Box

Sapphire Soul Balance Box


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Each month, you will receive a box filled with samples to enhance and inspire your body, mind and soul. Items could be from existing or brand new companies; focused on holistic and organic health, metaphysical products, and items good for balancing the energy in your home.

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I recently subscribed to this box. This box was just what I was looking for. Then I received it. Ugg. The smudge fan was falling apart and very cheap looking, the stone so tiny I didn't even know why they bothered. It just didn't live up to the hype.
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Katie S.

on 5/25/2016
I so very much wanted to like this subscription and did at first. Over time I found the values to be exaggerated and the items to be of low quality. Ugly Plastic bracelets instead of semi precious etc. Customer service is seriously lacking and rude and problems were never resolved. I ended up canceling while still being owed replacement items that were promised but never came after more promises were made and then email inquiries ignored.
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on 11/7/2015
I had to cancel this one after a few months. I loved the concept- so much fun and you could tell the box had a lot of personal attention to detail. But for $35 a month the value was just not there. I liked the small votives and the crystals, but a lot of the box contents were seriously just junk from a flea market. Sometimes there was unlabeled vials of oil, or generic candy with no label just thrown inside. Flash tattoos that had been cut out of a sheet- literally just one or two. It just got too cheap. If this box had been $10 per month I would've kept it.


on 9/15/2015