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Rocksbox is a monthly subscription box for jewelry rental. Receive 3 pieces of hand-selected jewelry in every box. Wear them as long as you like, and then return them in a pre-paid shipping envelope to swap them out for a new set.

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The first box is free after they charge you upfront and then you have to wait to have your money placed back on your card for 3 to 5 Days ridiculous. None of this is said up front, what kind of free anything charges you full price on your card without telling you (a shady business). So if you choose to cancel your membership prior to receiving your quote in quote free month gift you still have to wait to get your money back for an alleged free month in which you didn't even receive anything because you cancelled before they shipped it bc you are on a stupid waiting list. Do not make my dumb mistake read all info before you click that subscribe button. And speaking of buttons there is no cancellation button you have to call to cancel unless you're lucky like me and realize you can cancel by email if they haven't shipped you anything yet.

Jen Sue

on 2/22/2018
I received my first box in roughly 3 days atfer it shipped. I actually got 3 items off my wish list too. So far I am really excited about this subscription. I was able to review my shipment in advance and made changes. Yes I think it's about $5 too expensive per month and the pieces are also too pricey if you want to buy them.
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on 1/12/2018
I started with rocks box when I started a fashion Instagram. I got one month supply then returned it then I got another month and decided to keep it. I thought I canceled my subscription because I wasn't interested anymore, and decided I would pay for the jewelry. Instead I noticed this month that I had $342 charged on my account. Not only did my cancellation not go through, they kept charging me $19 a month even though they saw no activity on my account. I am a college student I work hard for my money and I was not happy with this. This shows deceptive business practices, and unethical morals or character of the company. I tried to get some money back and two great employees helped me, but I still owe $150+. They said their systems won't allow to give me back anything more, but I might report this to the BBB, because there are ways to leave unhappy customers satisfied. There goes my Christmas presents I wanted to spend on my grandparents, parents, friends. I really hope I don't have to tell my father-in-law who has a chair on the New York broadcast association to advertise to not to buy rocks box in New York, for this upcoming holiday season.
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on 12/18/2017