Red Dirt Co. Surprise Box

Red Dirt Co. Surprise Box


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"The Red Dirt Co. surprise box has handmade art and goods inspired by nature. This box is for people interested in botany, illustration, entomology, or gardening. Every seasonally-appropriate box features 5-6 useful handmade items that are made here at Three Rocks Farm in Central Virginia. Examples of products inside each box includes, but not limited to: hand-printed greeting cards, soap, lip balm, salve, lotion, flower and herb seeds, and loose leaf tea blends. Special attention is paid to using reusable or recyclable packaging and the filler paper is plantable with herb or flower seeds. Purchase one month for $40 or six and twelve-month subscriptions at a discounted rate."

Listed in: Subscription Boxes for Eco-Friendly Products, Subscription Boxes for Artisan Products

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