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Spoiler Alert! Rachel Zoe Box of Style Spring 2018 Box FULL SPOILERS + Coupon!

Every season Rachel and her TZR editors will hand-curate more than $400 of our favorite fashion, beauty and lifestyle items.

Shipping: Shipping is free to the US, $15 to Canada, Australia and the UK.

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It is now the middle of February and I still do not have the Winter Box that was guaranteed to ship by mid-December. They haven't sent it, despite 20+ emails being sent back and forth since December 10th. I am an annual subscriber, and this was the last box in my annual subscription, so I should have been one of the first boxes to ship (certainly before all the new subscribers!). I told them 5 weeks ago that I wanted to cancel the subscription - and 5 times since then - and they have not cancelled my renewal. They are set to charge me $409.99 in two days, because they refuse to cancel my subscription until I have received my Winter Box. Which they haven't even shipped yet (!!!). They are essentially extorting money from me, as I have no way to delete my credit card information or cancel the subscription myself. All I want is what I paid for nearly a year ago - the Winter Box - and for my cancellation to be processed before they charge me again in 2 days. Their customer service is absolutely useless, and their business practices verge on criminal. DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY YOUR MONEY!


on 2/12/2018
I have been a BOS subscriber for several seasons and just recently cancelled. I paid for my Winter Box in November, in December I received tracking information, but the box never actually shipped. I called about a dozen times- no answer, always had to leave a message, never received a call back I emailed another dozen times- it took weeks for a response and resolution I FaceBook messaged them- the person responding obviously did not read my message because she said my issue was resolved...it was not. The customer service is just horrible, I really think they only have two people returning messages, the rest of the operation is running on a hamster wheel. Absolutely not worth $100 per box for all the hassle.
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on 2/2/2018
I've been subscribed to this box for about a year and a half, and these are the reasons I will be cancelling my subscription right now: 1. Their customer service is useless, I've had to contact them several times due to shipping issues, and their response usually falls along the lines "there's nothing we can do", and indeed they don't do anything (they also take very ages to answer). 2. Shipping is a nightmare. in 2015 I payed my winter box on the 27th of December, and actually received the box on the first week of March (about two months after ???). Today (January 24th) I still haven't received my winter box, which I payed on November 15th. 3. IMPORT CHARGES!!! although this might not be their fault I'm paying $100+ $15 (international shipping) + $35 import charges. This box is simply not worth $150 dollars. 4. You get more benefits if you are a new customer than a customer that has been paying for more than a year!! and that doesn't make sense to me, because I can just cancel my subscription and get a gift with purchase if I'm a new customer. This really really annoys me, the fact that I haven't received my box, and they were offering it $20 off to new customers was just distasteful. 5. Quality is depressing: for the spring box we received a fabric handbag and the "leather" straps felt very cheap, it even smelt like chemicals (and it says it retails for $238!!!!! no one would EVER buy it for a quarter of that price). All of the bags I've received in this box seem like they were purchased at a dollar store. 6. Also why do I have to ask for their permission to cancel my box?? I used to love this subscription, when I received high quality items such as the Tatcha rice powder, the Dagne Rover card case and the BKR water bottle, but lately it's been just disappointing and I'm not paying to get disappointed.
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on 1/25/2018