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Jewelry to your doorstep. Prix Fixe Box believes in honesty, giving, and looking amazing. When you subscribe to receive their edgy jewelry you can select from a list of 5 charities and 10% of their earnings from your subscription will go towards the charity that you select.

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Customer service is really good. One of the pieces I got was damaged. They sent me a new one very quickly. Some of the stuff was not my style, but there were things I liked that I wouldn't have tried otherwise. So far - so good.

Brandy F

on 11/12/2015
I had Prix Fixe Box for three months and really liked it! I will say this... their style is very on trend and definitely not for everyone. The sets are really cool because they match each other. I cancelled after three months because at that point I had a lot of new jewelry but next time I want to update my collection I'll definitely have Prix Fixe box in mind.
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JJ Jackson

on 10/30/2015
I saw a facebook ad for Prix Fixe and they were running a 30% off special. I figured it was worth a try especially since I'm a costume jewelry fiend. I received a shipping notice and received my package on the 13th of the month. I really liked the pieces I got. I did the $20 box and got 1 quartz necklace, dangle earrings, and a delicate bracelet with faux pearls on it. I liked that it was a set that I could wear together. I plan on staying on for another month or two even at full price.
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Karis B

on 10/20/2015