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POPSUGAR Must Have is a monthly lifestyle subscription box curated by the editors at POPSUGAR. Each box features their "must have" products for beauty, fashion, home, food, fitness and more. Every box has a value of $100+!

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Pop Sugar is the best. I have been receiving their boxes for years now, and each month is great. There is a good mix of items: one big-ticket item like a scarf, hat, etc.; something like jewelry, housewares, hardcover books, etc.; a few beauty/bath products; and some sort of high-end food treat. It's a great deal for the price, I definitely feel like I always get my money's worth. Customer service as absolutely great as well. Very prompt and accommodating. Love it!
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on 12/6/2016
I was so excited to subscribe to Popsugar this month so I ended up purchasing a mystery box and a monthly subscription. HOWEVER, I've already cancelled my subscription before even receiving a box! Popsugar, hands down, has the WORST customer service. I was successfully charged but it wasn't reflected onto my purchase history and I never received a confirmation. I showed them proof from my bank statement and they insisted that they had no record of my purchase. It wasn't until I notified them that I opened a dispute with my bank that they miraculously 'found' my purchase history. I'll keep an eye out for incoming positive reviews to help me decide whether or not I'll re subscribe next month.


on 10/13/2016
I agree with Popsugar having a terrible customer service department. I had contacted them, because I had purchased my subscription on the 24/25th of May, and after logging in to track where it was, I noticed on the FEDEX site that it will take a total of 12 days during transit. I am subscribed to several other boxes, and all of them arrived within 5 days or less. I contacted them via email, and didn't get a response, but they did charge me for my June box today. I called a corporate number and spoke to a very nice lady, who said she would forward my concern to the correct area. When I did get a reply, they, in a nutshell, told me that I just have to deal with it, because I don't have to pay for shipping. --------------------------------------------------------------- Andy D., Jun 2, 1:09 PM PDT: Hi Erin, I completely understand and per your request I have cancelled your subscription. However, your June box is already on its way out so I'm unable to cancel that one, I'm sorry about that. Please let me know if I can help you with anything further. Cheers, Andy D. Member Services Assistant Have more questions? Check out our FAQs -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Irelanddun, Jun 2, 1:09 PM PDT: Sorry, but I needed to add another point... This subscription box is $39.99 per month, which is double and quadruple the price I pay for my other boxes. I believe the fabfitfun box is the only one that I currently receive that has a higher cost at $49.95 per month, yet every other box, most I subscribed to the same day as Popsugar, were received several days ago, so free shipping should not even be considered a factor. I am not intending to sound high-handed or nasty in any way, but these things need to be considered. Thank you again. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Irelanddun, Jun 2, 1:04 PM PDT: Andy, I understand that shipping is free with the subscription service, but it is also free with every other subscription box that I currently subscribe to, so I don’t find that to be an acceptable reason for your companies to take more than twice the time of others. I would, in fact, like to cancel my subscription at this point, and if possible cancel/refund the June box that was billed today. I understand that you have only so many options to help your customers, but those who have the ability to fix these issues should give support staff better options to resolve customer issues. Thank you for your help. Respectfully, Erin Ashley Dunn -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Andy D., Jun 2, 12:50 PM PDT: Hi Erin, Thanks for the follow up. I really do apologize for the long shipping times, however due to the fact that our boxes are completely free of any shipping charge, we are unable to offer any other shipping service at this time. I'm sorry about that. If you wish to cancel your subscription, I completely understand, let me know and I will do so. Cheers, Andy D. Member Services Assistant Have more questions? Check out our FAQs -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Irelanddun, Jun 2, 12:47 PM PDT: Hello Andy, I understand that you all currently use FEDEX, but the 12-day transport time is pretty unacceptable, and I cannot be the only customer who is having an issue with this. I also process that your company may be in some sort of contract with FEDEX Smartpost, but UPS has a similar program, yet they do not ever take more than 7 days to deliver a package, even utilizing the USPS transport option. To be quite honest, the past 5-6 FEDEX shipments for various purchases, 90% resulted in issues. I am not sure if I want to continue with this subscription service if this is the process used each time for delivery. I also subscribe to many other subscription boxes, but PopSugar has been, by far, the longest wait for shipping. Every single other package has been received within 5 days or less. I did not see this email, until 15:35 in Indianapolis time, because it went into my junk folder for some reason, and I had made a telephone call to someone within your company, I believe the Executives office. Thank you. Respectfully, Erin Ashley Dunn -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Andy D., Jun 2, 12:11 PM PDT: Hi Erin, Thanks for reaching out. It looks like your box is scheduled to be delivered on the 7th. I'm sorry for the long shipping time, as you may already know, FedEx works in mysterious ways. Let me know if your box does not arrive and I can work on a different solution for you. Cheers, Andy D. Member Services Assistant Have more questions? Check out our FAQs -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Irelanddun, Jun 1, 2:10 PM PDT: Hello, I just checked my tracking for my subscription box, and kind of baffled at FEDEX taking 12 days to process and deliver my box. Is that normal? I have never had a box take so long in transit... ********************************************* SO TO THOSE WHO ARE THINKING OF SIGNING UP, MAYBE TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

Erin Dunn

on 6/3/2016