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Spoiler Alert! Play! By Sephora October 2017 Box #941 FULL SPOILERS!

Each month Sephora will send you makeup and beauty samples, plus bonus extras like Spotify playlists, as well as “Play! Pass” coupons for in-store activations like one-on-one tutorials for the products in that month’s box.

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Yeah, I’m done with this box the products are too hit or miss and they are too repetitive. They claim they pick colors from your profile, but that is a huge lie. They don’t care. What is worst is their customer service. Even though they consistently charge you on the first or second day of the month, you’ll get it shipped to you whenever they get around to it. My current bo won’t be delivered until the 25th. And they don’t care. Lastly, they claim to hold “play” parties to go through your box with you. I have RSVPed seconds from getting the invite (I am also VIP Rouge) and am always shown there is no event on the calendar. I’m thinking maybe the local employees are keeping people from attending so they can treat their friends - or the whole thing is just a scam. Go ahead and try complaining. They don’t care!
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on 10/20/2017
After subscribing for over year, I've come to realize this subscription is just not personalized enough to be of any value to me. Out of about 15 boxes, I can say I only really liked about 3-5 of them. Most were items that were things recently in their rewards bazaar or gift with purchase online or in a JCP store. The only good thing about this subscription is the bonus points you can get when making an instore purchase. However, even that perk isn't as great considering most of the time I'd rather make an online purchase.
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on 9/25/2017
I was so excywhen I heard Sephora was entering the sub box game and I joined ASAP! I thought they'd add something new but they haven't and August has been my final box after a disappointing run with Play. I was hoping for the latest in makeup, figuring "who better than Sephora?" but this has hardly been the case. I've received a ton of skin care, hair care, not-at-all new perfumes, and about one new product sample per month but not necessarily in a complimentary shade or in an interesting formula. While I realize not every box can be a hit, Sephora should have been able to do something innovative with their vast customer base and their unique relationships with so many cosmetics companies. Instead, Play just seems like another way to get rid of their vast inventory of samples. I'm going to subscribe to Lip Monthly next.

Liz W.

on 8/8/2017