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Petit Vour is a monthly delivery of cruelty-free beauty products, hand-picked from businesses that align quality with progressive standards. In your box, you'll receive beauty & grooming samples from brands like Acure, AHAVA, Beauty Without Cruelty, DuWop, Hourglass, LUSH, Pacifica & Tarte. Monthly boxes to the US are $15, and $25 to Canada.

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I was on the fence with PV for a long time. I liked the products enough to overlook the poor CS and shipping delays because the price point was decent. When they increased the price, I knew in my heart I needed to cancel but decided to wait and see if the value increased. It didn't, and also my September box still has not arrived (it's October and no where near) All CS had said was "wait and see" until I asked for a refund, at which point they blamed me for the late shipment claiming my card could not be charged until the 20th which simply was not true (and I have the bank statement to back it) I am still waiting for their response, but I may have to contact my bank, and will never use their service again. I do not recommend giving them your business unless you have money to throw away and low CS standards. It's really too nad because I did like their product selection.

Madeleine Ferguson

on 10/6/2017
Such bad customer service! I had to change my address on their website three times before they said it went through. Every time I did it, however, I got the message saying "your address was successfully changed!". How was I supposed to know that it didn't go through on their end....Because of this they sent two boxes to my old address. I emailed them saying there website was obviously not working and they would not reimburse me or send new boxes. I basically gave them $30 for nothing in return.....After the second missed box I asked to cancel. Not this morning I got a message saying that I was charged for my October box.....but I had asked to cancel at the beginning of September....I doubt they will reimburse me for the October Box with their history. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE.
No Photo


on 10/1/2017
I'm on the fence about keeping this sub after receiving poor customer service. My box was missing an item and the representative told me that after "checking records" there's no way my box could have been missing an item. I think I would know if my box was missing an item! I keep all the squiggly paper to reuse so it wasn't hiding in the paper. I sent one last email letting her know that I was frustrated that I wasn't being helped and I didn't receive an email back after that. I have NINE sub boxes and have never had bad customer service from any of them. So anyhow now I'm not sure if I should forget about it and continue with it since I do like the products, or cancel because of the poor service I received.

Sara O

on 10/24/2016