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Pet Treater is a subscription program that treats your pet every month with quality items that won't break your wallet. Our pets deserve the best that we can possibly afford. At Pet Treater, you can afford so much more because we carefully select products with the best pricing so we can make sure your box is full of the items your pet will love.

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This was an amazing box! I have 3 dogs and wanted to try one of the pet boxes. I researched the competition and decided to try this one even though it is not advertised as much as Barkbox and I am so glad I did! there was great quality items! and even an item for the parent pets! I loved it! I wish I could get it more than once a month!
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on 9/27/2016
I'm really dessapoint with this box, I was soooo excited to get my first box, I've subscribed the past February 28th but still don't received the box, is supposed that will be delivery on March 17th, on March 18 I received an email that the box is ready to ship....nothing....I've called them a couple times and the answer is that one item is out of stock and they are waiting for that one to deliver the box, really!??? Why don't u guys just delivery the box and then the extra item, I will be ridiculous use a St Patrick's day bandana on March :( they don't even give me the option to move my box for the one in April (no March anymore and just an extra one at the end) nop what they say is that well u will receive 2 boxes in April! How silly is that, btw the contact mail it doesn't work, the never answer! Will switch to another pet box, pet treater misTreat you!!
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on 3/24/2016
By far my fav dog box so far. Also love that Belle (my wiener dog) got a treat for "her human" in her box :) (it was a Beatles water bottle). So far, so great! Looking forward to next month.
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on 11/24/2015