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Paper Pumpkin a new paper craft subscription box that delivers new projects to your every month. Each box includes all the stamps, ink, paper, and accessories to create pinable projects. Stuff like cards, 3-D items, and more! (Subscriptions to Canada are $24.95)

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I tried this for about 4 months and if you are someone who crafts regularly this may be too basic for you. The projects are cute but very standard and I ending up with supplies I will never use again. For the price I can go by supplies I will use and make items I will give to others.

Beth Balgenorth

on 11/19/2016
I've subscribed to this twice now. I picked it up early and was very disappointed with the contents. The projects were odd and I didn't feel it was worth the value. I had a chance at it again last year at a discounted price and knowing that the kits had improved, tried again. Unfortunately, I apparently again ordered when they had some strange things again. The value of the contents had definitely increased, I just didn't care for the contents. I've seen other kits that are amazing so I feel it's very hit and miss.
Oiso matt sm


on 2/11/2016
I love this box! I got a month for free for reviewing purposes and I think I will keep subscribing if I can. When I first opened the box (October, breast cancer awareness, greeting cards) I was so happy to see the acrylic block they give you for your first box! I have almost no more scrapbooking/card making supplies since my house fire, so this is a great way for me to stock back up! The cards are just gorgeous! Thank you, Thinking of You and Congrats are the stamps including, along with some flowers. The flowers are used to give depth to the cards that have the same flowers printed on. I will be making all of the cards over the next week and I am so excited to do it! The only negative I can see so far is the selection of phrases. I probably won't use any of them (instead I'll sub for a happy birthday). But the box as a whole is great! I am so happy I got this box and I will most likely continue my subscription!
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Melany W

on 12/8/2015