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Oui Please sends you full-size products from France every other month.

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Worst box i have ever gotten! You will never get the special iteam that you want, that the subscription addiction people get, because everyone gets different things. So unless you are a blogger you will get some french candies a face cream and a cheap elastic braclet. A blogger will get many more iteams and better quality iteams too. I Bought a year on sale and they didnt send me the first box. I emaild them and they said i would get it next year. Next year rolls around, they auto resubscribed me at a higher price and no box. I emaied them and they didnt respond. Finaly after waiting i went thru my credit card for arbitration. Then they emailed me saying they got to decide how many boxes are in a year. So my year was 5 boxes, making the sale a worse deal then if i had just bought it without the coupon. So at least through the credit card company i have canceled this box, but they still riped me off of one box. Be warned this sub box doesn't care about there customers and activly rips them off.

Candy Corn

on 6/22/2017
I am thrilled! I have received my Mother's day box this morning, perfect timing BTW, and it did contain things I've seen in previous boxes. Being a new member, this worked perfectly for me. I have read this was exceptional and clearly stated in their description. The curated selection is what made me order today the yearly membership. It is a lifestyle box, so a mix of jewelry, cream, candle, cookies. I am wearing my new earrings and bracelet and already received compliments. They are simple, yet original and very flattering. Exactly what I was looking for. The other items are super great and being French it is very special to be connected to it via these curated items. I highly recommend that box!!

Cati Boulanger

on 5/8/2015
sold out

Cati Boulanger

on 4/27/2015