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Nibblr is a healthy snack subscription box. You can sign up for weekly, biweekly, or monthly delivery and get 4 new snacks with each box.

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They have closed down.

David Mackey

on 7/7/2015
Nibblr recently sent an e-mail to their subscribers saying that they're closing the service (the website says the same now, too). No big deal, though, graze is much better...and seems to pay more attention to your preferences, anyways!

Jen Smith

on 6/25/2015
I'd pick Graze over Nibblr if you are trying to decide. I ordered Graze and Nibblr at the same time to try both and pick one. Nibblr took forever to ship. I had 2 Graze boxes before I got one Nibblr. Nibblr didn't send me anything on my 'dont send list' but one of my snacks tasted kind of moldy :( Cancelled and sticking with Graze.
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Marie W.

on 4/13/2015