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New hobby Box is a subscription box for men and women, 18 years and older, that sends you a new hobby every month. The hobbies are meant to expose you to new things and teach you lesser known skills.

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Fun box. I received it as a gift a few months ago. I've tried a couple different things I didn't think I would really enjoy, but actually found that they were fun and useful. My favorite month so far was the survivor themed month. Looking forward to January which is some sort of electronics theme. Recommend the box if you are looking to do something different.
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Nate Sightel

on 12/15/2015
The lockpicking box is my favorite so far. I didn't know I would enjoy learning this skill so much... I like how the box varies - it let's me try things I normally wouldn't consider. Also seems like a strong value as far as the items go.

John Martin

on 9/30/2015
I love this box! It's very different from any other that I've seen.

Gil Osborne

on 9/28/2015