New Beauty Test Tube

New Beauty Test Tube


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New Beauty Test Tube is a beauty and makeup subscription service. Every two months they send you deluxe and full size skincare, haircare, and makeup products.

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They charged we twice in the matter of 5 days.. im not sure why & i emailed them sooo many times & no one will reply!! Im pretty irritated! Definitely $80 in one week & i dont know why they charged me again..
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on 8/21/2017
I just recieved my first box.. it was ok. Im not sure the price i paid for the stuff id actually use is worth it or not.. im gonna try it out for a couple more months since one box isnt really a good comparison to the other like 10 makeup subscriptions i have that i like...
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on 8/15/2017
Wow! I just received a complete flop Limited Edition New Beauty/Beauty Report box. What a scam! The promoted deluxe and travel sized items were actually tiny trial samples clearly labeled as "sample - not for resale". Many items are expired - notably the highest value items are past their expiration date. Customer Service is the worst! Rather than acknowledge the poorly and deceptive box - they require the customer to send photos and lengthy emails. A prompt and full refund is in order - but no response from customer service. Stay away from this company! I wish I had!!!
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on 4/21/2017