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New Beauty Test Tube


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New Beauty Test Tube is a beauty and makeup subscription service. Every two months they send you deluxe and full size skincare, haircare, and makeup products.

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Beauty tube hasn't been reviewed in years on MSA and I am floored! I just got my first tube (September, 2016) and I really, really loved it. It was full of "It's a Ten" products-full size shampoo, full size mousse, full size treatment plus three deluxe size shampoo, conditioner and hair mask that I can get at lease three uses out of. The tube must have really improved since 2014. The bad reviews surprised me. There was a not inside the tube that said the tube was getting bigger with more items in November, 2016! I can't wait.... Please put Beauty Tube back on your list of spoilers, reviews, etc.

Meredith James Reno

on 9/25/2016
This was my first subscription box back in 2011. At first, I loved it because it was new and exciting. But after awhile, I started to grow tired of boxes full of brands I had never heard of, repeat products and things that I just wouldn't use. I liked the idea of a magazine subscription that accompanied the test tube, but in the end I just couldn't justify the cost for what I was getting. After about 9 months I decided to canceled. The cancelation process was unacceptable. After several attempts, I was final able to cancel my subscription. It took several phone calls and emails before a customer service agent finally addressed my request. With all the subscription boxers out there today, I can't say that I miss this one.

Jennifer Nicole

on 11/3/2014
This box is so hit or miss for me. I've been a subscriber since spring of 2012. I love that it's every other month rather than every three months now and I love the magazine. But the magazine is the only thing holding me back from canceling and since i just realized that, duh, I can just buy the magazine in a store, I'm really contemplating dumping this for a different subscription box. In reality, the majority of my boxes have been decent slightly more high end products than drug store stuff. Some of my boxes have a awesome and some have been awful (tons of drugstore products or repeats of products I've gotten before) I've gotten SO many repeats with test tube. I've discovered some cool stuff through test tube but this was my only sub till just recently. ill probably give it a couple more tubes and see


on 8/1/2014