Nerd Block Junior: Girls
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Nerd Block Junior: Girls


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Geeky gear for kids ages 6-11. (This subscription is only toys – no t-shirt like the regular Nerd Block subscription). The box is $13.99 and shipping varies based on country. Ships worldwide.

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I looked up images of past images of nerd block jr. girls boxes. Everything looked SOOOO cute! I was excited and thought I might get something I might like. Paid for a 3 month subscription - that you can't get refunded. Horribly disappointing!!! it had a little girls cap, some weird boys action figure, activity book. I usually don't review boxes, but I just wanted to share that I thought this was horrible!!!

Amy Thompson

on 8/23/2015
My kid enjoyed it, she got two figures of my little petshop, a buils your own my little poney, a minion comic, some helly kitty paint pictures, hello kitty tatoos and a small superman... she was happy. Althought it does feel like leftover toys..
No Photo


on 6/18/2015
Cancelled the block right after it shipped; before it arrived. I wish I had looked at this website before I subscribed. The items in the Jr. blocks feel like leftovers from other blocks. It feels like the curator doesn't have kids themselves. Only one item in the block will be used and it's a plush (we have a huge collection of plushes) Our daughter is 5 and minecraft isn't played in our house. The book we received was a chapter book which she will NOT let us read to her because there are no pictures. Not worth it for us.

Stephanie Huffman

on 5/28/2015