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Nerd Block is a monthly subscription box for toys, collectibles, t-shirts and other "geeky" things. Every Nerd Block comes with a custom t-shirt (in your size) and 5-6 epic items for you to tear into! The box costs $19.99 plus shipping (Shipping is $8.75 to Canada, $9.50 to US, $12.50 Worldwide)

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Similar experience. First block or two were ok. Got them for my daughter. Then tried to cancel the subscriptions and it's been a total nightmare. When you try to cancel, PAY ATTENTION! They pop up several "are you sure" windows and you think you're saying "yes, frickin' cancel already" but, no. Some of the pop ups say do you want to pend the cancellation until you hear from a sales rep. What a racket! Then the block doesn't cancel and you get charged for another stupid block! Customer service is horrible. BE WARNED and DON'T BOTHER!!!!!

Erin Giltinan Hill

on 1/3/2017
The first couple blocks I got were nice and I really enjoyed this box. However, they double-charged me for November and customer service is non-responsive so I doubt I'll be able to get a refund....really disappointed seeing as how the product was usually good.

on 11/18/2015
This service is pretty hit or miss in my book. If the theme is good, I might have a couple items I really enjoy. But mostly its stuff that I plan on getting rid of/selling off. I will be canceling this after next month gets here.
No Photo


on 8/31/2015