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NatureBox has updated their subscription model. You can now be a member of the natureBox Club for only $5 a month. That $5 will be credited towards your first purchase every month. You can cancel your membership at any time. You may buy as many snacks as you like each month.

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I like the new naturebox club that is only $5 and you can buy the treats you want. As a single person, I don't need a large box of snacks, so this is now a better option for me. Thank you naturebox and I am back on board.
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on 10/20/2016
I used to really love this box. They always threw in free snacks and would send me emails about receiving a new freebie. Now, it's all about the money. The price went up, no freebies and CS is not as available. This will be my last box after over a year... Sorry naturebox.
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on 9/24/2016
I usually subscribe 3 month and move on to next subscription box to exploring something new, but I cancelled Naturebox in 2 month. I don't know how to explain this, but in some point their snacks were everything tastes similar even they are different snacks.


on 9/4/2015