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Each Nature Box includes 15-20 servings across 5 different snacks. All snacks are made from wholesome ingredients and minimally processed - no artificial colors or flavors. After your first box ships, you get to customize your snack selections each month. They offer plenty of gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan snack options!



I thought Nature Box's customer service was really excellent, but thought the site was kind of awkward and the snacks did not feel as healthful as I had assumed they would be. In the end, I cancelled. That was a few months ago and I still have some snacks in the back of my cabinet.

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Stephanie Subscriber

I just subscribed to this box a couple of days ago so I have yet to receive anything, but I can say that their customer service is awesome. The promo code for receiving the first box for half price hadn't been applied to my account, so I emailed their customer service and they got back to me the next day (which in itself is amazing because 1) it was a Sunday and 2) they tell you that it can take up to three days to hear back). The representative was very polite and told me what had happened and then told me that they would go ahead refund the difference back to my original payment method. I'm thinking they might be a keeper.

Picture?type=square Mireille Mobley Subscriber

We just started and for the first box I just had it all set to surprise me! Well, each bag has been a hit but the pistachio clusters are the home run favorite. We will continue the subscription for a while and see how it goes.

Unnamed Duane Subscriber

Great customer service but the site isn't the most friendly, however they say they are working on it and are very aware it could be much better. The product is great and the packaging is perfect. The new "quiz" is designed to "remember" what you LIKE...a good start but still not as intuitive as GRAZE.

You can customize starting with your first box. I chose my snacks when I joined, thinking I wouldn't get them til the second box but I got them on the first. Try the dark chocolate covered almonds- amazing. That being said, I cancelled after my first box (I got it for 1.99 with the black friday promo) because I live right next to a Whole Foods so this isn't really something I need.

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ThisExquisiteLife Subscriber

I'm 9 months into a one-year subscription I received as a gift. It was fun for a while to see what was in the monthly box, but after a while it all started to feel the same. The flavors (e.g. seasoned nuts) get a little weird, like they're trying too hard. I appreciate the emphasis on healthy but I have no urge to renew - six months would have been enough. Logistically, it took a long time for them to process my gift subscription / first box (like, almost two months) but the boxes have appeared regularly ever since.