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Nadine West is a monthly styling service. Each month, they send you 2-4 items, usually a single top and matching jewelry, each in the ~$20 range. Keep what you love and send the rest back. Pay only shipping to receive your box - you only pay for the items you keep, and the cost of shipping will be credited toward those items!

Shipping: $9.78 shipping fee, which is credited toward any items you wish to keep

Listed in: Subscription Boxes for Women

Tagged in: Accessories, Womens clothing, Jewelry

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    What does Nadine West do?

  • Nadine West delivers surprise outfits to your home to try-on before buying in your spare-time.

    How does Nadine West work?

  • 1. Take your style quiz and receive a surprise outfit catering to your unique style. 2. Try it on in your spare-time. Keep what you love, return what you don't using the included prepaid return mailer, which can be dropped right into your mailbox. 4. After ~10 days, you'll automatically be debited for kept items, avoiding the hassle of checkout.

    How much are Nadine West items?

  • As opposed to having items that cost upwards of $75 or $100, Nadine West items typically range from $10-$25. Price-ranges can be controlled from your profile.

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I tried this one because I love clothing subscriptions; Stitch Fix and Wantable are my addiction. So I was hopeful that this one was a little cheaper than the others. Unfortunately so was the clothing. Not only was it poor quality, but completely opposite of what I would ever want to or be able to wear!! I am 42 years old and they sent me bright blue leggings...thin, and a half shirt!!! Not only would I have been the laughing stock of the day, but it didn't even match. I thought well I will at least try them on. The plus side? My adult daughter and her friends had the best laugh of the day. Horrible selection, horrible quality and was not even based on my demographics and quiz. First and last one.

Anne Wilson

on 7/18/2017
I love NADINE WEST because THEY GET THAT PLUS SIZE GALS DO NOT ALL WANT TO WEAR GOOFY T-SHIRTS AND MOM JEANS OR ONLY NEED DRESS CLOTHES. They have different price points for quality. Even from the clothes that I get from the DECENT Category where picked out by someone who read my profile and paid attention to my "COMMENTS" in the comment box. Their "Styling Fee" is less than $10 bucks. AND you get the money back as a discount on the clothes you keep. How they do that, I do not know. But it's freaking awesome. AND THEY PAY THE POSTAGE TO RETURN WHAT YOU DON'T WANT. I DARE YOU TO FIND ANOTHER COMPANY THAT DOES THAT. I wear a 3X and most of the stores in my area have down right ugly ill fitting 3X clothes. NADINE WEST'S CLOTHES are on spot with my personal tastes. And I know you other housewives do not have infinite free time to wander mega stores or the mall, at least I don't. Nadine West brings the store to ME. Anyway, I highly recommend you try Nadine West today. You can sign up and get your style profile finished RIGHT NOW in less time it takes to drive to the nearest mega store and find a parking space. Oh and don't forget to check the web for special introductory offers.

Terri Dunlap

on 7/9/2017
I am very pleased with Nadine West. I had received a top, and it was too small, but that was my fault. All I did was go back to my profile and make some changes is all. They are right there to help you out and answer any questions that you may have. And you aren't obligated to buy everything that they send you. Keep what you like, and send what you don't like back. It's very simple. Thanks again Nadine West!

Angela Richardson

on 7/9/2017