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Mystical Mojo Box


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Mystical Mojo Box A premier subscription box intuitively designed to invoke Soul Transformation! Providing Magickal items in every box that spark Positive Energy and Soulful Insights ॐ $15 Crystal Mojo Box: All crystals- All the time. Every month you’ll receive 2-3 Crystals. We source the best deals from our vendors so we can pass them on to you. (flat rate shipping US $4~CND $10~UK $20). $67 Mojo Quarterly Box: 7+ themed items that include a combination of crystals, ritual items, informational/instructional items & fun stuff. Ships 3/1, 6/1, 9/1 + 12/1 (flat rate shipping US $8~CND $20~UK $32).

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Love my Mystical Mojo Box!! I get the Jewelry box and Krystal box! They are going to move to a quarterly box, (a bit sad about that) but I am excited to see the company evolve and what new things they will be doing!! Highly recommend!!
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on 1/24/2017
We are sorry about that Angela. We are now able to offer $6 flat rate shipping for all boxes. :-)


on 10/21/2015
So I went to sign up for this box and they charge 12.36 for shipping.

Angela W Bracken

on 9/3/2015