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My Geek Box is a UK subscription box that sends you geeky items and an exclusive t-shirt each month.

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My husband and I subscribed to this with one of their freebie deals: it was terrible to stop the subscription. After the first 3 months, we decided to cancel. 1) the make it SO DIFFICULT to cancel. 2), once you do, they take a week to respond. 3) even after you receive a confirmation your subscription is cancelled, THEY WILL STILL CHARGE YOUR CC again. We've had to submit the proof/cancellation email to the CC company. These guys are a rip off and will keep charging you. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE.
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Sarah P

on 4/10/2017
Rubbish I'm still waiting for mine from last month, This is the first box I have had since loot crate and I'm disappointed, customer service is shady and vague and I'm still waiting for this one to arrive so I can cancel If you want something fast and reliable stick to loot crate guys (Posted from the UK)

Anya Sorenson

on 5/14/2016
yeah... $24 its 16.99 in pounds, not dollars....
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on 7/31/2015