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"Morgans makes natural products accessible to everyone by selling at cost. In other words, no middlemen, no markups. Customers simply pay $12 a month membership for access. This allows us deliver natural products at half the price everyone else does. We believe that something as fundamental as healthy - for us, for our planet - shouldn't be overpriced. Normally, by the time you get a product it's already gone through 4 companies: from factory, to brand, to distributor to retailer and finally, to you. Each company doubles the price along the way, and you pay for it. We do things differently and pass the savings on to you. The end result is an incredible quality premium product at a surprisingly low price."

Members get a 75% discount off list price, with member prices starting as low as $2.91.

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I love the simplicity of the packaging and choice. It's all one natural fragrance which is nice. Think it's a great value and recommend.
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on 5/18/2017
I've been using the following Morgans products for around 5 months now: here's what I think of each: - bamboo toilet paper: I like this for so many reasons. - razors: the quality is great and I never run out. My boyfriend steals my stash too. - bar soap: I like the look and scent of the bar. It's big, so I rarely use it in its entirety,but I enjoy replacing it every month for a fresh one. - the boyfriend and I both use the shampoo and I use the conditioner. The mild scent is very appealing and the shampoo has a great lather & the conditioner is super fast acting. - deodorant: I don't use it often, but when I do, I like the Morgans brand to other natural brands that I've used. - I don't use their toothpaste, but I do often buy their bamboo toothbrushes, to keep around for guests and travel. - I don't use the shaving cream. - I don't use the moisturizer though I have it...I actually find it think and nice...but I haven't gotten into the habit of using it. - the liquid hand soap is the best. I have it in the kitchen and bathroom. Bonus is the clean look of this brand. Also, I live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and don't have a car. It is helpful to not have to hand carry these items back from the Whole Foods - leaves more room for my groceries.
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on 5/16/2017
I love the products. Great value also. I believe they do a free trial or you get $24 worth of product free so it's pretty low risk anyway.

Morgan Hirsh

on 5/16/2017