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ModaBox is about shopping, personalization, convenience, empowerment, confidence and fashion. We’re here to reinvigorate the shopping experience for busy women everywhere and provide them with the luxury service they deserve. With one-on-one communication and their very own personal stylist, free shipping both ways, and a beautiful box packed with fully customized outfits – not to mention the seven days to decide on which styles to love and keep – we are fulfilling our unique mission with every shipment: make looking great a seamless and empowering experience. The SelectBox includes 2 styled outfits, the PremierBox includes 4 styled outfits and the LuxeBox includes 6 styled outfits. Never pay a Styling Fee, Membership or Shipping. There is a deposit fee depending on your box choice, but don't worry: it's applied to your purchase or fully refunded if you did not like anything in your box. Only pay for items you love and keep.

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My stylist did a great job on picking out my professional outfits. I love the head to toe outfit curation. I really love being able to communicate with my stylist on a personal level. They give me the personal in store stellar customer service shopping experience without me having to physically leave my home. ModaBox is perfect for working moms who just don't have the time but still want the personal stylist touch.

Sysamone Phaphon

on 4/21/2017
I ordered a box in December 2015 and received it February 2016.... yep a very long wait. My stylist emailed and text me several times. I was so excited to FINALLY get my box!!! I was soooo disappointed. I received the largest box, which was about $1,000 to purchase all but I only kept 3 items that I can gift to my GRANDMOTHER! And that's all I have to say about this box...
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Lisa Willette

on 2/23/2016
This was the worst box I've ever recieved from a company. Most of the outfits were laughable all of the quality was terrible sweatshop type stuff. Also the stylist didnt listen at all when I said please no yellow it looks terrible on me. They charge a styling fee now and I have to pick one of the god awful items to keep just to break even

Amalee Kuykendall

on 9/22/2015