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MeUndies is a underwear subscription service for men and women. Pick the style of underwear you want, and get a new pair (or pairs!) every month, featuring limited edition designs. Pricing starts at $14 for Women's and $16 for Men's, and varies depending on style selected.

Shipping: Free to the US and Canada, $12 flat rate shipping internationally.

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I unsubscribed after getting charged $14 customs/duties fees. It just isn't worth it on an already overpriced pair of ill-fitting underwear (and the company is doing nothing to rectify the situation...when all they have to do is charge the appropriate taxes at the point of sale!). The band always digs in so much, but the rest of the fabric is so loose (the waist band sizing doesn't seem to coordinate with the sizing of the rest of the underwear). They were super soft, and the designs were cute...but I found that I was never reaching for these pairs over my other "5 for $27" pairs from Victoria's Secret.


on 10/28/2017
My boyfriend got a subscription for me, guest he got the more boyish style, then more recently switched to the thong. They are always fun designs and soooo comfortable.

Erin Ferguson

on 1/14/2017
MeUndies was ok but the cost for a pair underwear was kind of high vs even buying underwear at LaneBryant.

Betty Miller

on 4/24/2015