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MeUndies is a underwear subscription service for men and women. Pick the style of underwear you want, and get a new pair (or pairs!) every month, featuring limited edition designs. Pricing starts at $14 for Women's and $16 for Men's, and varies depending on style selected.

Shipping: Free to the US and Canada, $12 flat rate shipping internationally.

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MeUndies was ok but the cost for a pair underwear was kind of high vs even buying underwear at LaneBryant.

Betty Miller

on 4/24/2015
Are they still offering this?

Jennifer Nichole Sellers

on 4/13/2015
I love the style of meundies underwear but the quality is hit or miss. Some of my underwear has pilled really quickly and some hasn't pilled at all. One pair ripped along the seam in several places and when I contacted customer service she said they don't do refunds or replacements after 14 days and I must have cared for it wrong. She suggested I hand wash and line dry my cotton underwear (!!!) even though the tag says machine wash. I had to post a negative comment on their facebook page for them to do anything about it. I'm glad they ended up giving me a replacement pair but I wouldn't buy from them again. If you're looking for soft underwear at a similar quality but lower price buy at the Gap. If you're looking for high quality underwear at the same price with a no matter what product guarantee buy at Patagonia.

Jess McCormick

on 6/3/2014