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Spoiler Alert! Marvel Collector Corps Box – December 2017 FULL Spoilers!

Each box includes exclusive collectible product created by Marvel & Funko including apparel, collectibles and accessories worth $50. No filler included!

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We've tried a few different boxes and this one was the only one that made my husband smile. It IS more expensive, but in my opinion is totally worth the price. The items he received were FAR superior to the other boxes and the packaging is amazing. You pay a little extra for the "experience" which includes exclusive items and awesome packaging. The other boxes may be $10-$15 less but I would always rather spend a little more for one box than spend less for 2 boxes and be disappointed.

[email protected]

on 8/26/2015
The box is produced, at least in part, by FunkoPop. We are beginning collectors and each of the boxes we've received so far have been fantastic! There is a high quality tee with a unique print each shipment and plenty of Pop figures (even exclusives) to keep us happy and to add the the decoration of our superhero-themed home office!


on 8/1/2015
I'm a little disappointed in the whole process. Customer service has been extremely slow, there are only two items that actually differ in each box, and shipping has been shoddy at best. I'm not sure what is so difficult about sending boxes to unique addresses but both of my boxes have gone to the wrong house. I signed up for the Founder's program but there is no priority in doing that. The $200 dollars I paid up front gives you nothing, just a little statue at the end of the year. There is also nothing "exclusive" as they apparently don't "sell out" of boxes and anyone can buy one at anytime. I regret signing up for the Founder's Program and, as of right now, I probably won't renew for another year.

Rachel Gesell

on 7/14/2015