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Shop and try on clothes at home- like netflix and stitch fix had a baby. "Select pieces you like. Try them on for free. Only pay for what you keep."

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Finally!!! No fee to join, free shipping both ways, no money upfront. ONLY IF YOU DECIDE TO KEEP THE CLOTHES. Just like an acutal fitting room. I've been wondering why no one did this. Hope more designers sign up. Kept both sweater and leggings. Goodbye LeTote

Megan VanDiver

on 9/9/2017
Despite me keeping two pieces over the last couple months, they have decided that I haven't bought enough and now want to charge me $20 per box to use as credit for whatever I keep. I'm disappointed to cancel, but the bait and switch left a really bad taste in my mouth.
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on 9/1/2017
Just got my first box. All four items felt high quality. Two I will be keeping. The other two weren't a good fit but 2/4 is better than my average in a fitting room and I chose these online. I am impressed so far.

Leigh-Ann Tarvit

on 3/7/2016