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Spoiler Alert! Luxor Box November 2017 FULL SPOILERS!

Every-other-month, we curate a selection of high-end, luxurious spa products, top-shelf beauty products, jewelry, apparel, home accessories and unique treasures from around the world. Only full size products with a value of $250+ per delivery.

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I signed up for the November box and I'm sorry I did. I saw the spoilers and liked those and had FOMO. Rash decision to buy without doing research. They have apparently gone downhill recently and not lived up to their name. The November box has not shipped and we have no firm date when it will due to an item being held up in "customs". I cannot recommend Luxor.
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on 11/28/2017
NOT WORTH THE HYPE! Luxor Box has gone downhill compared to 2 years ago. The subscription price keeps going up every year, but the box value is just not there (no matter how much they markup the retail value for various items). The same few brands keep getting recycled every other box. The same TYPE of items are in each box (bracelets in almost every box this year and too much dishware). No creativity. In addition, they used to claim you get 5-9 items each month, but you will actually get only 4 or 5 items (items in a set they will count as individual items). Off-brand filler items included in every box that miss the mark (who needs "luxury" recipe cards in this day and age???) Customer service is shady. Mention an issue about their advertising vs. what was delivered, and no joke-- they EDIT their website the same day to skirt the problem. Deceptive! With all the mystery boxes they do throughout the year, featuring the extra junk from previous boxes, there is no need to have a subscription. Just get a mystery box if you want to take a gamble and get their inventory leftovers. In 2017, they got extra gimmicky with bonus vouchers for a "free trip"included with a special box purchase. Tons of terms and conditions on the voucher, plus its not even truly free if you have to pay fees. Plus, the trip includes airfare for only one person. How depressing. Who knows what they will stoop to next because it seems like either greed or desperation is taking over. In summary- very disappointed as there are few true luxury item subscription services, and I cannot recommend Luxor at all anymore. I hope they listen to the increasing complaints out there and bring back the quality that got them on the map in the first place.

Angel Angel

on 9/27/2017
Luxor Customer Service has proven to be truly high caliber by my experience. I had a hiccup with an oddball product in one of my boxes, and they went above & beyond to fix things for me. They were so prompt and professional about it.


on 7/27/2015