Love With Food Tasting Box

Love With Food Tasting Box


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Love With Food helps you discover new organic, all-natural snacks delivered to your door every month. The Tasting Box sends 8+ new & surprise snacks each month. Gluten-free option available. Each box sold donated 1 meal to hungry children.

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I tried this box for several months and really enjoyed the treats that were sent. I only cancelled to cut down on costs. I would order again!

Beth Balgenorth

on 11/19/2016
I think this box is great. Lots of good food and brands. I will definitely recommend it.
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on 10/12/2016
One of my favorite boxes. Every month the box is stuffed with items. There are usually 2-3 coupons included, so if I love the items this is a great perk. I can be picky but there has yet to be an item I wouldn't at least try. Not to mention earning credits for reviews is right up my alley, in just 3 months I was able to redeem my points for an item I had loved.
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on 10/3/2016