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Each Lip Monthly bag includes 3-4 full size lip products and 1 full sized beauty surprise. Starting October 2016, Lip Monthly is also customizable and allows subscribers to customize at least two products in each shipment. Ships to the US, Canada, Spain, Australia and UK.

Shipping: Free in the US, additional charge for international

Listed in: Subscription Boxes for Teens & Tweens, Subscription Boxes for Beauty Products, Subscription Boxes for Women

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I absolutely LOVE Lipmonthly, I've never gotten a bag that I didn't at least love 2-3 products. I've been pleasantly surprised several times!!! When I see this Gold envelope in my mailbox my day instantly gets better!!! Well worth the money!!

Grace Hannan

on 11/16/2016
I signed up for this a little over a year ago and had a terrible time canceling. They kept charging for months despite half a dozen documented attempts to cancel. Also the products are very poor.


on 11/14/2016
Had the same issue stated in the last 2 comments. I signed up in September, was charged Oct 1st and was told I'd receive a shipping notification on the 10th. I received an email on the 12th instead, and there was no tracking information. It wasn't until the 18th that I received a new email stating my tracking information was "corrected", when I checked it showed that the package had only just shipped on the 18th!!! I contacted them, got an auto reply stating I'd hear back in 24-48 hours, and of course, never heard from them. Nor can I log in, since they're "updating their site". I just received my items, and they're okay. Nothing I'm excited about except maybe the lip liner. I just contacted them now to cancel; let's see if they actually respond this time.
No Photo


on 10/21/2016