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Each Lip Monthly bag includes 3-4 full size lip products and 1 full sized beauty surprise. Starting October 2016, Lip Monthly is also customizable and allows subscribers to customize at least two products in each shipment. Ships to the US, Canada, Spain, Australia and UK.

Shipping: Free in the US, additional charge for international

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I was definitely not pleased with Lip Monthly. I subscribed at the end of February. The website says the bag ships by the 10th. The March bag didn't ship until the 18th, and I received it on the 28th. I was not impressed. The bag was a tiny little bag. It came with three low quality lipsticks. One was listed as 4 dollars when I searched for it online. I also received a sheet mask. I was excited to try out some fun lip products, but they were lower quality lip products and one wasn't even a lip product. The website shows this big bag with five products all lined up. I got the 50% off the first bag deal and even at just over 6 bucks with the deal I feel it wasn't worth it. Also one of my products did not have a safety seal on it. I've contacted the manufacturer to see if that's normal. on top of that, nowhere on the website, your profile, or anywhere does it show the products you received. The "lip topper" I customized is actually a lip gloss, and it's the one with no wrapper. I have no idea what color or shade it is. Everything felt really cheap. Granted they were full size, but they were cheap full size. I'm no snob, but I just really didn't like the feel of this. I wouldn't subscribe again, especially when the full price is almost 13 dollars. When I can subscribe to other boxes for 10 dollars and get a great mux I don't think this is worth the price.
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on 3/28/2017
This is my first month with lip monthly and so far so good. I was pleasantly surprised at the cost of the bag considering it was my first bag and I did get it for 50% off. Hope it stays this good!!!!
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Nicole Lippi

on 2/18/2017
I absolutely LOVE Lipmonthly, I've never gotten a bag that I didn't at least love 2-3 products. I've been pleasantly surprised several times!!! When I see this Gold envelope in my mailbox my day instantly gets better!!! Well worth the money!!

Grace Hannan

on 11/16/2016