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Each Lip Monthly bag includes 3-4 full size lip products and 1 full sized beauty surprise. Starting October 2016, Lip Monthly is also customizable and allows subscribers to customize at least two products in each shipment. Ships to the US, Canada, Spain, Australia and UK.

Shipping: Free in the US, additional charge for international

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Love Lip Monthly - for only $12 your getting a lot and i think its really good value for the price. I love how you can choose ur color on some of the items in each months bag now too
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on 6/22/2017
I am so disappointed with this subscription. I was excited to get the cute bag and new lip products every month. My first bag, for April, was good and had some nice products. My second bag, for May, has never left their warehouse. I emailed them a week ago, after which I received a tracking number. Status on May 25: bag still in warehouse. They are ready to bill my card again, on the first of the month, for June, but I'm not sure I will even have the May bag by then. I cancelled. Skip this one.

Kathy Parsley

on 5/25/2017
Cancelled after first month!! Colors were horrible!! I ended up giving the whole bag away!! Glad I only did the first for $5 because that's all it was it worth. Such a shame I was looking forward to just a lip based sub box.

Melanie Smith

on 5/17/2017