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Each Lip Monthly bag includes 3-4 full size lip products and 1 full sized beauty surprise. Starting October 2016, Lip Monthly is also customizable and allows subscribers to customize at least two products in each shipment. Ships to the US, Canada, Spain, Australia and UK.

Shipping: Free in the US, additional charge for international

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I have been charged for this subscription twice and never received anything, not even an email or refund.

Shannon G

on 10/19/2017
I cancelled my subscription on 09/09/17 and received a confirmation that I would be receiving a refund. A couple of weeks later, received a bag and followed up asking if the refund had been processed, including the prior email correspondence from their rep indicating the account was closed and the refund was going to be issued. They then proceeded to ask me write in asking to cancel the subscription. I don't understand, I sent them the email correspondence of this exact verbage and their rep's confirmation.


on 9/20/2017
DO NOT USE LIP MONTHLY!!! Check out their BBB site, they have an F rating with 36 unresolved complaints, mine included. Even their own Facebook page has tons of comments with people posting about their issues. I NEVER RECEIVED MY FIRST BAG, I cancelled. They confirmed my cancellation via email, and proceeded to charge my card $43 FIVE DAYS AFTER CANCELLING MY ACCOUNT! I love subscription companies but this is the worst I have ever dealt they get away with a policy of NOT issuing refunds is beyond me. Hands down the most deceptive company with the worst customer service and the most fraudulent billing practices I have ever dealt with.
No Photo


on 9/20/2017