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Lip Love publishes a bag every month on their website, each containing 3 color-focused, skin-loving products + 1 BONUS product. All bags contain full-sized items. You will be able to preview the bag and a selection of its contents. The other bits are kept as a surprise. Love what we have chosen? DO NOTHING* and the bag is on its way. Otherwise, you have complete flexibility to skip the month before the bag goes out.

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I got my first so Susan lip love, in March, and I loved all the products, high pigments, and more natural ingredients than most!! I loved the cute packagings as well, I do agree with the other review slow shipping, but that is ok! For 21 $ a month it is worth it!!
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on 4/6/2017
I got July's Lip Love. I really liked it. Four full sized products in a cute canvas bag. The extra was Eh... but I am not a fan of costume jewelry. Shipping was rather slow from Europe but when I contacted the company, they responded within a few hours. It did arrive on the longer side of shipping time, but it could be that I am on Ohio. Will be ordering more


on 9/1/2015
This subscription was a huge dissapointment and I can't find a contact so that I can cancel it. After the initial signup, there is zerocommunication. My first bag was barely worth the $25 it cost me. I received one good brand of lipstick in a bright pink I would never wear. The other items were two more very cheap bright pink lipsticks and a small bottle of orange nail polish. There is not one thing in the bag that I will ever use and I can'tfigure out how to cancel my supscription.
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Dawn Sullivan

on 8/31/2015