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Lip Love publishes a bag every month on their website, each containing 3 color-focused, skin-loving products + 1 BONUS product. All bags contain full-sized items. You will be able to preview the bag and a selection of its contents. The other bits are kept as a surprise. Love what we have chosen? DO NOTHING* and the bag is on its way. Otherwise, you have complete flexibility to skip the month before the bag goes out.

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I just got my first bag, and it got sent so fast! (like the 3rd of the month) I really was happy with the bag! The brands are vegan, CF, and of great quality. If I could pick one thing to be picky about, I'd say that the range of brands featured is low. So Susan, Trifle Cosmetics, and Jelly Pong Pong products are usually what you'll receive. Overall though I really like this bag a lot!


on 11/7/2017
I got my first so Susan lip love, in March, and I loved all the products, high pigments, and more natural ingredients than most!! I loved the cute packagings as well, I do agree with the other review slow shipping, but that is ok! For 21 $ a month it is worth it!!
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on 4/6/2017
I got July's Lip Love. I really liked it. Four full sized products in a cute canvas bag. The extra was Eh... but I am not a fan of costume jewelry. Shipping was rather slow from Europe but when I contacted the company, they responded within a few hours. It did arrive on the longer side of shipping time, but it could be that I am on Ohio. Will be ordering more


on 9/1/2015