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Le Tote is a monthly styling and clothing rental service. Fill out your profile, subscribe, and 3 garments plus 2 accessories will delivered to your door. Additionally, subscribers have the option to purchase the items they try: the cost is $50 for dresses, $30 for separates, $20 for necklaces and bracelets, and $10 for other accessories.

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I just canceled Le Tote. They sold me one thing and delivered another. You choose from their inventory by "adding items to your closet." You anticipate that when they prepare your tote that they would choose at least one item for your closet. Not not the case. They selected items for me that looked like they were from JC pennies (where clothing goes to die). They give you the option to swap them out but then only give you 6 or so even uglier items to choose from. More often than not, the clothes they put in my tote are too small (They always give me mediums and I wear a large.) When I go to even swap the sizes, there are almost never any large sizes available. My first tote arrived and all the clothes were ugly and didn't fit right. I set back the tote to give them one more chance and the tote that they styled me for this time was way worse that the last. I live in Texas, its all ready 85+ everyday and they suggest to send me a long sleeve shirt in brown (it's spring y'all), a navy turtle neck and a dress in a size medium, again I'm a large and this is clearly listed in my style profile. I go to swap out every item and it's just not possible. I clicked on the turtle neck and there was not one item listed to swap it out for. I clicked on the dress and there was not one dress available in a large, and I clicked on the brown shirt and there were only 2 available in a large and they were quite possibly the ugliest shirts I've ever seen. One was cotton and had a blue color but the rest of the shirt has a graphic design. I mean, what is this 2002? Le tote is about 10 year behind with their styles.
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on 4/16/2017
LeTote is one of my favorite subscription services, which is significant because I currently belong to 35! The process is easy, the clothing and accessory options are vast, and the quality of the items is very good! I love the brands (BCBG, Max Studio, Fate, Free People, Summer & Sage, etc.), so much so that I always purchase at least 1 item from each box, but often 2 or 3. If you buy an item from a box, then LeTote sends you an extra piece in an upcoming box to thank you. In order to get the most for your money, try to wear the pieces soon after you receive them, because the sooner you send the items back, the faster you receive your next box. I have been able to get around 3 boxes per month, which is definitely worth way more than the cost of the service! I was also one of the holiday winners, so I received a new tote each week in December, plus a gift during the week of Christmas! Great customer service and appreciation!!!

Tonya Griffin

on 3/5/2016
My first tote arrived, fast shipping... Everything looks great, fit is not perfect sizes run large. Look forward to the next one as they perfect my sizes...

Daisy Barrera

on 3/23/2015