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KitNipBox is a subscription box for your cat. Each month they send you a variety of items including toys, treats, accessories, hygiene products, and more. They also offer 2 different monthly box options: The Happy Cat KitNipBox is $19/month and contains 5-6 items, and the Multi-Cat KitNipBox is $29/month at contains 7+ items.

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I tried this sub for a few months to see how the cats would like it. They are not highly toy motivated, so I found the toys were piling up. When I went to cancel, I found out you can get the sub. quarterly instead of monthly, which is perfect for me.
375062 woodlandreading med large


on 7/28/2016
I've gotten this box for about a year now. A couple of my cat's favorite toys came from this box but there is always one or two catnip filled shapes included and, for a cat that does not react to catnip at all, these are useless. The treats are nice but for every box that has a hit toy, there are more that are complete duds. I don't have the money to waste on gambles. Sorry.
Magic art aldy


on 2/3/2016
I purchased a gift subscription to try the service out to see if my three cats would like anything they received. The box was a flop. All but one of the toys I could have purchased at my local pet store. The treats made all three of them vomit. The smell of their vomit almost made me vomit so I wouldn't recommend these. Spend $30 at your pet store.

Christina Piper

on 1/29/2016