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Kitchen Table Passport is much more than a box of stuff. It's a carefully crafted monthly experience for you and your family or friends to enjoy together. Each month features a different country from around the world, and you will be able to see, hear, taste, touch and smell that country - right at your own kitchen table. The full subscription features a recipe for a delicious authentic local dish from the featured country, together with the hard-to-find herbs & spices you'll need to start cooking. There are also interesting mementos to explore, they are usually hand crafted by artisans or fair-trade programs in the featured country. To ensure a lively discussion around the dinner table, the Discovery Cards provide a ton of fun information to talk about so that everyone will feel like they visited that country! There are beautiful images to admire, fun facts to discuss, and quick quizzes to keep everyone around the table engaged while you eat. There's even a curated playlist of music from artists in that country to enjoy while you cook and eat. Explore the world from your kitchen table with Kitchen Table Passport. Two products are available: 1) "Just a taste" package. $9.95 /month (does not include mementos, or the "Discovery Cards") 2) "Full" package. $24.95 /month

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