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Jewelry Subscription is a jewelry of the month club. You can select either a 1 piece per month plan for $17.99 (FREE shipping) or a 2-3 piece per month plan for only $24.99 (FREE shipping). After joining you receive a Jewelry Style Profile questionnaire that you fill out which allows us to customize each shipment to your taste. Our pieces are the same quality you find in high-end department stores. Some of our pieces are solid 925 silver and some are gold plated.

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It's nice to look forward to my jewelry "treat to myself" each month. I have built up a small collection and can mix and match without ever getting bored. When I mentioned I preferred larger earrings rather than small to medium sized, Lisa listened and sent me some really nice "big" earrings, matching bracelet and ring. I love it. I am taking a small hiatus from jewelry right now, but I will be resuming service soon. You never know what you will be receving and are never disappointed. Kudos to you Lisa. Sheila Nelson

Sheila Nelson

on 9/22/2017
Wow, this is the best jewelry subscription ever! The personalized service from the moment you sign up (even before if you have questions) is amazing and really helps you get the pieces you want! Lisa, the owner, personally answers your email the same day - none of those canned customer service responses. After I did the style survey, I had more to say so I emailed her and talked about what I like and don't like. She answered and asked questions of her own to get it right. And she did. I got a necklace, ring, and earrings that were all perfect for me. Cool, glam styles that are actually appropriate for my life. Big enough to be seen but not so big that I look like a kid playing dress-up. Coordinated but not matchy. Those are the things I like - if you like different things she can help you too! I got a mesh circle necklace on a chain that hit mid-chest, which reflects how she listened when I told her I hate necklaces too small to see. I also got mesh earrings, sort of an 80s throwback but modernized. And a ring that she knew I loved from my comments seeing it on a review right here on MSA. All these pieces were silver, since I said I like all the colors and metals. I'm super happy with everything, and the price is on par with or better than similar subs.

Bonnie Mahon

on 9/13/2017
I absolutely love the jewelry I have received with my subscription!! And Lisa goes above and beyond in her customer service to make sure you are pleased with each order. I couldn't be happier!

Rachel Pipi Jones

on 9/7/2017