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Jewelry Subscription is a jewelry of the month club. You can select either a 1 piece per month plan for $17.99 (FREE shipping) or a 2-3 piece per month plan for only $24.99 (FREE shipping). After joining you receive a Jewelry Style Profile questionnaire that you fill out which allows us to customize each shipment to your taste. Our pieces are the same quality you find in high-end department stores. Some of our pieces are solid 925 silver and some are gold plated.

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I am very happy with the jewelry I received today- the bracelets, necklaces and earrings were gorgeous, very good quality and stylish. The customer service is outstanding and very responsive. Thank you, Jewelry Subscription, and Lisa, for going the extra mile to make sure I was happy.

Michele Laughlin

on 4/17/2017
My second month of this came today. STILL LOVE IT! Pieces are great. This month I received a sterling silver mesh set that included a ring, a circle necklace and gorgeous mesh earrings. Fantastic club! Might even get a second subscription and change up my jewelry profile a bit. BEST Subscription service yet! (I currently get 5 sub boxes - this is by far my favorite)
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on 10/17/2016
This was the first subscription box that I signed up for and what a wonderful entry into the sub boxes. I typically do not wear a lot of jewelry unless I find a cool piece that grabs my attn, so needless to say I don't stay current nor do I have a lot of nice jewelry. I had gone through their gallery and liked about 95% of the jewelry listed so I signed up. The first set that I received -oh I LOVE it (loved it so much I actually thought about getting a second sub as well and still may do that as they have a ring subscription or subscriptions where you can choose 1, 2, or 3 pieces a month plus a big event subscription). The ring is gorgeous, even prettier in person. It's the perfect size for my short fingers and would look beautiful on any hand. The set that I received is so pretty (cubes with different color gems inside). Simple enough to wear every day yet still be eye catching! All the pieces will mix well with other jewelry. This is an EXCELLENT way to build your jewelry collection for a great price! Simple name but truly a great value and you're not going to receive jewelry that's only in fashion for a season or two, but good quality pieces that you can wear year after year and feel beautiful wearing. You will not be sorry to have these beauties to surprise you each month! Five stars!
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on 9/20/2016