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"ITALINARY offers tradition, quality, and creativity through a sensorial experience whose protagonist is food. We combine typical Italian food, placed in nice boxes, to be delivered to every European country. But our goal is to make of Italinary a model of excellence to share with all the people who love Italian food and wish to know more about it. The ITALINARY EXPERIENCE BOX will surprise you monthly with all its products coming from different Italian regions and local producers selected by our team of expert gourmands. In every box you will find 7 or 8 products to make delicious dishes with, but surprise, surprise! You won’t know which products they are until you actually get the box. You will be given some hints to help you figure them out and start thinking about all your possible ingredient options. Get your friends to try the surprise effect, too! Meet them before lunch or dinner, open the Experience box together and prepare your meal: It will be a sharing and creative experience for everyone. The ITALINARY SPECIAL BOX is special because you can prepare unique Italian recipes with. This box type is not subject to any subscription and it’s made available from time to time, following recurrent events or special trends. Getting curious? Then try our Special Box!"

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