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Spoiler Alert! Ipsy September 2017 SPOILERS + Glam Bag Reveal!

Ipsy is a monthly makeup and beauty subscription box - each month includes 4-5 deluxe and full size products, in addition to a beauty bag! (Shipping is free to the US, and an additional $4.95 to Canada).

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I really like Ipsy and was surprised that I have enjoyed it! It gets a lot of criticism but I love it for being basic :-). I LOVE makeup (having sensitive skin I'm not so keen on lots of skincare products which can be the focus of other boxes) and enjoy receiving fun colors and products I might not necessarily buy at age 43. It's obviously aimed at a younger consumer, but that's not a problem. I have fun with my silver eye liner plus I've received lovely samples from tarte, Trust Fund, etc., and there will never, ever be a highlighter shortage at my home! Ipsy has useful videos about application and new trends which I like mixing with my tried and true techniques. They're a staple!

Liz W.

on 8/9/2017
I love ipsy!! You will receive great beauty products ranging from newer brands to more popular ones (too faced, urban decay, it cosmetics, etc). The customer service is also great. I once had a bag that "wasn't deliverable" and they were very prompt responding to my email and sending another bag. Definitely worth ten dollars a month !
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Bailey Dozier

on 7/3/2017
This is what I refer to as a "base" box. It's not on the higher end, but it's a nice solid subscription. It's a good starter, and amazing value for 10$. What I love is there full sized products often. The website is device friendly and easy to navigate. Cancellation is easy, but I haven't ever wanted to. I switch between sub boxes very frequently but this one stays. You get dud items here and there, but customer service LISTENS. I've contacted Ipsy a lot for product choices and they always get back to me within a couple hours! For a while there I was getting a blush brush every month. I contacted Ipsy and they were able to opt me out of getting brushes for a while. NO OTHER SUBSCRIPTIONS DO THIS. There point system is bomb and I think completely fair. It doesn't take long to gain a decent amount of points and that's. WITHOUT getting other people to sign up. I can't say this is my all time favorite, my favorite costs a lot more money. But there's nothing better for the money. I thought that Sephora Play was better for a long time, but Sephora Play doesn't listen... and if you have any broken products they just throw you some points instead of replacing that product. Also Sephora Play is becoming more skin care based recently. The products in Play are most of the time higher quality, but the portions are very small and not as good of a value. But if you can have both, I recommend getting both. Ipsy is just amazing that's all I can say. I get a bag every once in a while that a total dud but I'm still not mad because it's a great deal. I love that you can have multiple accounts as well! They are just doing everything right. If other subscription boxes did what ipsy does the world would be a perfect place.
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on 6/25/2017