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Spoiler Alert! Ipsy March 2017 Glam Bag – Guaranteed Item Spoilers!

Ipsy is a monthly makeup and beauty subscription box - each month includes 4-5 deluxe and full size products, in addition to a beauty bag! (Shipping is free to the US, and an additional $4.95 to Canada).

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Ipsy is popular for a good reason unlike Birchbox. Its not one of the high luxury beauty subscriptions. I'm okay with that though, actually I prefer that with Ipsy. What I enjoy so much about Ipsy, is they include products from companies I've never heard of. Almost every month there's something in my bag that I didn't know existed. So its not like they just throw in drugstore products. You can tell they put thought into what they give out. They have a special setup and with the points its almost a crime not to have Ipsy if you enjoy beauty boxes. It wouldn't be my first choice but as long as I can afford it I'm in. Saving up points (which are so easy to earn) to choose an extra item is brilliant! Along with contests!!! Awesome. The include many variations of glam bag products but its cool to be able to see what other people get so you can gage yours. I'm usually very happy with what they give me. They usually give at least one big brand product, sometimes luxury in each bag. Better than Birchbox. Not better than sephora play.
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on 2/21/2017
I personally was not a fan. I found the sample sizes small which isn't the biggest deal to me considering the subscription is only $10. My biggest problem was the contents itself. I took the quiz you take when you sign up which is supposed to offer your more personalized items according to your tastes twice, but every month, I kept getting things I did not sign up for. I even reviewed my products after I got them and said that I wasn't happy with the selections, and nothing changed. Another issue with the contents was the repetition in products. I kept getting the same products even in the same colors. The makeup bags become overwhelming after a while and I found myself using only two makeup bags I received and ended up putting the rest in a drawer. Needless to say, this was not for me.
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on 1/22/2017
I have been getting my Ipsy bags since December 2014. I love my Ipsy subscription. I don’t always like everything I get but that’s the point. I would rather spend $10 a month and try new things I would never have tried. I hate paying full price for something I have never tried and end up not liking the product. Anything I don’t like, I just give it away. Some of the bags I love and use for other things, some I throw out. Some I have even given to my fiancé (one of the bags is designated for only his vape stuff lol). I have found quite a few things I loved so much I actually went and purchased. The value of the products is most definitely over what you actually spend on the subscription. Also, I love the new review system they have. It makes it much easier to review each product.
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on 12/9/2016