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Horror Pack ships each month with 4 curated Horror Movies on DVD. The DVDs are yours to keep and add to your collection!

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I’ve been getting the Blu-ray subscription for almost a year now. While I wil say that I have not enjoyed every Blu-ray or Dvd that I have received, overall I love this subscription. I’m a big horror fan so I already have a decent sized collection of Blu-rays and DVDs and in the 11 months I’ve been with HorrorPack, I think I possibly received maybe two movies that I already own
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on 10/27/2017
This is a great subscription if you're looking to build a horror movie collection. I have loads of DVDs but have just recently began buying Blu-rays. The Blu-ray subscription is a pretty good value considering you're getting 4 brand new, shrink-wrapped movies.

Carolann Curry

on 6/24/2016
Wow, a couple of these movies look creepy even to me. Can't wait to binge watch!
Mms 20130621


on 2/16/2016